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Placement Of Links. Where your link appears within the webpage of the linking site is predominant. A link that appears in the main body of the webpage has much more weightage than a link that appears in the footer, header, or sidebar. For instance, you can see the link below to know how to use the link in the main body. Example of footer link.: Why Are Backlinks Important For Your eCommerce Business? Backlinks basically serve as a vote for other websites and give credibility. Each of these votes tells the search engine that the webpage is valuable, credible, and useful. These votes will increase your page authority in Google; means the higher votes you will get, the higher your page authority will rise. When one website links to a different online site, they pass you link juice. And the link juice acquired from backlinks will help in building up your own authority, by giving assurance to search engines that you need to be in the top quality too; because websites with high domain authority are linking out to your site.
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