Why You Should Never Buy CRAP BackLinks: An Experiment.
Its a known fact that backlinks plays a great role in the ranking of your site in search engines. While number of backlinks are certainly important, their quality is at least as important if not more. Google Penguin update details, and recovery tips. If you are unaware of backlinks, and why they are important, go ahead and check this post. A simple search for buy backlinks will return thousands of results on Google. Specially, if you are one of Fiverr user, you would know how many build thousands of backlinks gigs we can find on Fiverr for 5. As a new entrant in the blogosphere it takes a lot of effort to build backlinks and one might be tempted to take the easier route and buy backlinks. But should you buy backlinks, such as those available on Fiverr, to boost your page rankings? Recently, I shared my experiment on buying Facebook likes from Fiverr. Similarly, I also tested the effect of backlinks bought from one of the many Fiverr gigs on my SERP rankings. More about backlinks.: How To Get Quick Backlinks From High PR Sites.
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Besides the manual actions, thousands of websites are often hit by Google algorithm updates, which are specifically designed to stop low-quality websites from popping up in the search radar. For website owners, such explanations by Google executives is a clear sign that the search engine is actively dealing with low-quality backlinks and spam issues. Similarly, there are hundreds of discussions every day on threads where website owners post images of Googles manual action. All these warnings have one thing in common: Google takes notice of unnatural links and follows them up with stern action, detailing the penalties of artificial or unnatural links coming from your website. Check out one such example from a website owner. Notices such as these are hard proof that Google considers backlinks a significant deciding factor in ranking the page; therefore, the quality of backlinks can decide the fate of your webpage. As a result, you should avoid purchasing backlinks because Google will eventually catch up to you, and you wont like the outcome. We hope that you found this article useful.
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In the dark ages of SEO, this used to be somewhat effective. But these days, Google considers such link exchanges to be link schemes, and you may get hit with a penalty if you're' excessive and obvious about it. This isn't' to say that swapping links is always bad, but if your only motive is SEO, then odds are that you shouldn't' do it. Blog/Forum Comments and Profiles. Many years ago, low-quality SEO firms loved to abuse the comments sections of blogs, forums, and news sites as a way to build backlinks for clients. This approach is pretty ineffective these days, as most reputable sites that are worth having backlinks on have responded to such abuse by making all such links nofollow. While sites like Quora and industry-specific forums are great for sharing your expertise and raising your visibility, you're' not going to get any SEO value from them. How Do You Monitor Your Backlink Efforts? When working on auditing your backlinks, or monitoring your building strategy, you're' going to want some tools to monitor and value the links you get and the ones your competitors are getting.
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To some digital marketers, public relations might sound more like a traditional marketing strategy. And in a technical sense, it is. But in the context of link building, the term simply refers to the practice of using the same methods to get backlinks that you might use to get press. One of the best ways to do this is to get cited as a source in a news article or other online content. In the past, the only way to do this was to hire a publicist with connections to journalists and prominent publications. Today, you can eliminate the need for this third-party help by signing up for Help A Reporter, or HARO. This service allows journalists to put out calls for sources within their daily newsletter. Indicate which areas you have expertise in, and youll get a daily list of journalist needs that are related to your skills directly in your inbox on a daily basis. Then, you can reach out to these journalists and if theyre interested in what you have to say, theyll cite you as a source. You might also consider classic PR moves like press releases.
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For some marketers, the white-hat link building process takes too long. Impatient marketers want links right now. Naturally, they look for shortcuts by buying links from a link seller. Oftentimes, link vendors share great stories about how their links will skyrocket your business to success, and how a flood of traffic and authority will flow to your site after buying links from them. Unfortunately, what gets delivered is lackluster at best, and damaging to your business at worst. Here are 7 reasons why buying backlinks is a risky and reckless digital marketing tactic. Buying backlinks is against the rules. Google is very clear when it comes to paid links dont buy them. It is a violation of the Google Quality Guidelines. Google lists several link schemes that may have harmful SEO results.:

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