Should You Buy Redirect Expired Domains?
Ask an SEO. Should You Buy Redirect Expired Domains? Redirecting expired domains was a tried-and-true tactic in the old days SEO. But here's' why you shouldn't' count on it as an SEO tactic nowadays. Ryan Jones August 11, 2020 4 min read. VIP CONTRIBUTOR Ryan Jones SEO Group Director at Razorfish. / August 11, 2020 / 4 min read. Todays Ask an SEO question is a fun one thats sure to start lots of controversy, so Im asking our editors if they can do something we rarely do: enable comments for this post! In the spirit of controversy, lets foster that and see what happens. Todays question comes from Kaan in New York. Before we get into that, I have to get the obligatory reference out of the way. Kanns question is.: Is buying an expired domain in a similar niche with a good DA/PA score considered a reasonable strategy? I want to redirect the backlinks of the expired domain to my new website.
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I will research and find expired domain name with high google traffic. Starting at 8.87. t by toperseo Level 1 Seller. I will find high authority ahrefs DR 50 expired domains. Starting at 4.44. c by creative__girl Level 1 Seller. I will find expired domain having da and pa 50. Starting at 31.05. v by volarex Level 2 Seller. I will build high authority editorial backlinks via 301 redirect from top websites.
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So any smart digital marketers looking to buy backlink domains aka buy high pr domains are in the right place! Many of these site owners delete any email with the word link in it. So, its not even possible to acquire any of these links anymore. What does this mean? Using expired domain names with backlinks means you wont have to spend 1000s, creating content, and weeks on outreach for link building.
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Make extra money by selling links on your well linked domains to others. Buy good domains cheap and resell domains for much higher price directly or through an auction. Boost rankings in search engines by adding more links to your projects. Jump start a new project with established traffic, backlinks and rankings.
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They do this by buying an expired domain, rebuilding it, and then 301 redirecting the expired domain to their main site. With this, all the quality backlinks that were pointing to the expired domain now start pointing to their main money site. Now the rank/link juice the expired domain has can easily be directed to the money page. Before buying an expired domain for 301 redirections, its very essential to make sure that the domain name youre buying is contextually very relevant to your main site. Or else, Google may negate the backlinks or you may face a manual unnatural links penalty. PBN: People build sites on expired domains they buy and use them as their PBN sites.
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Last but not least Im going to show you the easiest way to rebuild an expired website in just one click. But before we get into the meat of the Tutorial I just wanted to share with you three different ways that you can use expired domains to your advantage. The first one is you can buy an expired domain that already has a tonne of SEO value backlinks and traffic and then use it to build out a new authority website.
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Many people dont know how to score a backlink from these sites, but once you know what to do, it becomes much easier. Im going to share my strategies for getting authority links. These techniques are repeatable and scalable, and you can use them no matter how little your site may be. Which sites should you target? Before you use any of these methods, you need to determine which sites to go after. You dont want to chase every site in your niche with a DA of 80 or higher. If you get more specific with your targeting, youll have a much higher chance of landing backlinks. I recommend starting by getting a sense of which sites in your niche are getting the most attention. A simple Google search often works. Start by searching for your focus keyword. As a general rule of thumb, any result on the first page likely has a high DA. This isnt always the case, but its true most of the time. Make a list of all of the domains on page 1 of Google.
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Sedo Buy Now Domains. Sedo Make Offer com D. Sedo Make Offer de Do. Sedo Make Offer Domain. Sedo Expiring Domains. SnapNames Auction Doma. SnapNames PreRelease D. Epik Marketplace Domai. Epik Daily Diamonds. NameJet PreRelease Dom. NameJet Auction Domain. Flippa Website Marketp. Expired Domai. Dynadot Expired Domain. Dynadot Marketplace Do. Namesilo Auction Domai. Namepal Auction Domain. Auction Domain. Bido Auction Domains. Bido Marketplace Domai. DropCatch Auctions Dom. Domain from Seo.Domain. Auction Do. Auctions Domai. You can currently find the following domains in the database. The lists get updated regularly and new domains get added to the database. 429994564, Domains are currently in the database. 392586193, Deleted Domains, 3585045, Expired Domains and 30218146, Marketplace Domains. 962118, Domains were added in the last 24 hours. 18796475, Domains with Majestic CitationFlow 10. 7300569, Domains with Majectis TrustFlow 5. 2101714, Domains linked from 1906009, Domains with Alexa Rank. 177913875, Domains have records in the Wayback Machine 54076094, Domains have a Wayback Machine Record 10 Years or older. 37214469, Domains with Backlinks.

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