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You can see the link acquisition trend for the past 14 days for free, even without creating an account. Another interesting visual report is the Top 5 website pages, where you can see how your website performs by backlinks or referral domains. All of the above tools provide valuable insights that can help you get started with link building. They all give a birds-eye view on your backlink profile, but each one comes with different additional information. Try them out and see which one is best for you. Originally published Sep 4, 2019 70000: AM, updated November 26 2020. Don't' forget to share this post! 3 Types of Blog Posts That Earn the Most Backlinks, According to HubSpot's' Link-Building Expert. Marketing 9 min read. 25 Stats That Prove Why You Need Link-Building in Your SEO Strategy. Marketing 4 min read. How to Use Internal Linking to Improve Your Website's' SEO. Marketing 5 min read.
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If you know about SEO, you sure know what a backlink is. Basically, a backlink is a link to your website or store listing in this case placed on another website or blog. Backlinks should always there to provide additional information to the reader. But its more than that: it always and most importantly has weight in the ranking of the linked website or app. For example, you can see here some of the domains that are linking to the Google Play app of Facebook Ahrefs tool. Backlinks could also be placed on the social media profiles. Creating direct links to your app or game in your social media descriptions will definitely reinforce your backlinks strategy. However, it cannot only be links that come from you if you want this strategy to be effective. You need to count on partnerships with other websites and blogs that can provide you with quality links to your app. Now that you know what a backlink is you might wonder: why should I bother to get them for my app?
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In that situation, you are perfectly fine if you used branded anchor text to your homepage, but if you used a keyword rich anchor text to a blog article or to a service page and that content is syndicated across dozens of PR sites, you get dozens of backlinks with the same keyword rich anchor text. That type of signal looks like spam to Google and can get your content de-ranked. Simple Link Building Strategies and. Services to 10X Your SEO. Are you still with me? Because this is where things get exciting! Now that you understand anchor text ratios, types of anchors, and where those anchors should point, you are finally ready to start crafting and executing a badass link building strategy. If you heed the information included earlier in this guide and follow these next steps exactly as I prescribe, I can all but guarantee that you will be able to rank your website on the first or second page of Google for almost any keyword you choose. Lets get down to business. Creating Link Worthy Content.
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SEO für Anfänger. SEO für Fortgeschrittene. Entwicklerleitfaden für die Google Suche. Erweiterter Leitfaden zur Search Console. Richtlinien für Webmaster. URL-Struktur einfach halten. Ausgehende Links für Google eingrenzen. Tag für Websites für Kinder. Duplizierte Inhalte vermeiden. Links für Crawler zugänglich machen. Darauf achten, dass der Googlebot nicht blockiert wird. Best Practices für Websitetests mit der Google Suche.
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This is not the same as an internal link-a link from one page of your website to another page of your website. Backlinks are very important for search engine optimization SEO. As I mentioned in a previous article on SEO, one of the criteria Google uses to rank results in its search engine is the number of external links an particular URL has linking to it. The more high-quality links an article has, the higher it will rank. Notice I mentioned high" quality links" You don't' want just any old backlinks.
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Step 1: Submit your site to local directories. Start with Google My Business. Heres a list of the top local citations by country. Step 2: Completely fill out all profiles. Google appreciates when local businesses create local citations. Keep NAP consistent for each site. NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. Spy on your competitors. Your competitors are a goldmine of even more link building opportunities. Use any of the techniques on this list once you have a big list of competitors backlinks. After all, if theyre writing about your competitors, theyll probably be inclined to write about you. Heres how to get started.: Step 1: Compile a list of competing sites. Search for your target keywords. Compile a list of the top ranking sites. Also, use your brain! You probably know a bunch of the competitors in the space. Step 2: Analyze their backlink profiles. Use the backlink checker from SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, or GrowthBar. These tools will allow you to see all the backlinks of a particular website and the domain authority of those backlinks so you can prioritize your outreach.
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13 Press Release Backlinks. Press releases are a bit of a lost art these days, but they can be a very useful tool for marketing and SEO. You can use them to gain backlinks from media outlets when you create a newsworthy press release about your business. The best types of press releases can alert customers and news outlets of the following.: A new product or line of products. A new location opening. A new partnership or sponsorship you formed with another business. A rebranding your business with a new name. Whenever you have news of these types, look at publishing press releases on PR websites like PRWeb. You may get some links from media outlets naturally, which is the best result. But you can also try reaching out to local outlets to see if they want to write something themselves and link back to you. 14 Comment Backlinks. If you read other blogs to get news and information related to your field, you can look into commenting. Websites that let you comment may also allow you to link back to your website.
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And, the more quality backlinks your website has, the more authoritative websites that link to you, the stronger SEO rankings you will get and the more traffic you will get to your site. But what exactly is a backlink and how do you build more? What Are Backlinks? To start things off, what exactly is a backlink? Simply put, backlinks are links from one website to a page on another website. To be more specific, they are links from an outside website to your website. Backlinks are the opposite of external links, which are links from your site to another site. For example, If I reference Hubspot in a blog post, and link to their website, Ive created an external link. A backlink would be the opposite and would need to be a link from Hubspot to this blog. In this way, backlinks are like online referrals. And, just like a referral, receiving one from a well known and reliable source is more beneficial than a source without much authority. Both link types are important to your SEO and having a strategy for creating more is important.
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