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I don't' want to do anything blackhat as I want to be able to do this full time one day so I don't' want to piss off Google. I have some money to spend so if anyone can recommend where I can buy quality adult backlinks, it would be appreciated. adult backlinks buy quality.
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Fortunately for us, the bad guys almost always do their dirty work in bulk, which makes life easier for us good guys who inevitably have to clean up after them. Its rare to find one dodgy directory submission or a single piece of spun content containing a paid link. This is a massive help use it to your advantage! I highly recommend creating a pivot table of your data so that you can see how many times an issue has occurred in your data set. This can help you to quickly spot patterns. Above: spotting suspicious anchor text using a pivot table. For example, lets say youre doing a backlink audit for a clothing site. By pivoting for anchor text, you might be able to quickly spot that buy cheap dresses appears several times. Given the commercial nature of this anchor text, its likely it could be spam. You could spot check some of these URLs to make sure, and if theyre consistently dodgy, you can reasonably assume the rest of the links with this anchor text are too.
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Just remember that you ought to fully outline and detail what they should and should not do so as to prevent your sites from being devalued by Google. How should you go about feeding links into your main money-making site? This should be taken with the utmost care. We do not want Google to detect any suspicious activity and devalue your site so it is vital that you operate this carefully. What is advised is that you feed links to your main site naturally. If you make mention of a topic that is related to another article that is on your main site, then naturally you will link to it, right? Do not start sending out links until your new hatchling main site is gaining traction and gaining backlinks on its own accord. After which, you can then use your PBN links regarding your niche in a well thought out manner so as to avoid the suspicions of Google. How to find high-quality domains for your PBN. Now we get to the most important factor of PBN, the domain.
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Weve all been there. Back in the dawn of SEO, that was how a lot of sites were able to get ranked. We know better now. Google frowns on paid links pretty heavily. They do penalize for paid links, and they have extensive systems in place to do just that. And if youve traded goods or services for links, those could also be considered paid links by Google. Ideally, all of your backlinks should be organic. Are a few paid links going to kill your ranking? Probably not, but they will pose a risk. If youre having problems getting quality backlinks, I recommend checking out this article by my friend Brian Dean of Backlinko.
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